Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CSI, this ain't...

I took a look at my front page headlines recently (this morning), and saw an article about coroners. Now, I'm not like most people when it comes to looking up news. I don't care what the headline says, as long as it contains a keyword that interests me. This has some bad points, but primarily it keeps me from making up my mind until AFTER I read it. Keeps the mind sharp.

Moving on...

So, I was reading this article about coroners. It said that most coroners in this country are not forensic specialists. In fact, a good portion of them AREN'T DOCTORS. It's an elected position, like treasurer.

Does anyone else here see the merest problem with this? Maybe it just comes from a lifetime of watching crime dramas, but I always assumed that if someone dies, a full-on "tell you how they spent their last days" autopsy happened. Now, I find that Bubba from down the block feels up the dead because he got his FAMILY TO VOTE FOR HIM?!

Practical Application time. How will this benefit me? Murder isn't something I do regularly, after all... I could always get a job as a coroner. Apparently it's really easy and anybody can do it if they campaign a little bit. Hell, I've got enough cash for a sign.

Have a good one.


  1. Did you know your last name makes me think of Cashews?

  2. Umm...yes?

    Actually, I've heard that before, so it's all good.