Thursday, February 3, 2011

Disco in the Middle East

I know what I said, m/w/f posts. Well, world events have forced me to expand this.

Which world events? Have you been paying attention to the news, sucker? Egypt, fool! The Middle Eastern world is on fire, and no one seems to give a damn. Sure, you have the a-list celebs making a note of their support, and Obama's sending out a 'strongly worded' desire for Mubarak to step down immediately, not just in September, like he promised.

Call me crazy, but I think America might actually have to GIVE A DAMN on this one. I know our instant-gratification society may balk at this, but I do believe it's time to haul our asses up out of our computer chairs and show our support. There are people over there DYING FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN. When's the last time you even stuck through an argument?

Introspection is a beautiful thing. It makes you realize just how much of a DOORMAT you are when compared to others. Look at the news. THEY SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET IN EGYPT, yet people are still getting the message out. That's dedication. That's heart. That's not the dishrag ambivalence that occurs from having everything you need HANDED to you.

I had my students do a little exercise. (Did I mention that I'm a teacher?) I asked them to write down what they would do if there was a popular revolt in this country. Most of them only wrote about 3 sentences (sad in itself). Some of the better responses(grammatical errors intact):

"I would go get a gun and fight. The people deserve to be herd"
"I would watch TV until it was safe"
"I'd figure out a way to play WoW"
"I would burn it all down. The facist goverment of america is corrupt"

My favorite out of those is the one who couldn't spell fascist, yet managed corrupt quite nicely. It's obvious from these, and the rest of them, that the kids in my classes are divided into two separate camps:

1: The ones who believe Mad Max and Fallout are good reference works.
2: The ones who wouldn't care so long as their lives aren't affected.

I don't know why, but both depress me.

Have a good one.


  1. "I'd figure out a way to play WoW" lol.....

  2. its sad that no one cares, people can always settle things with words and i also, think its beyond mad max and fallout in terms of references to understand the situation... they may feel passionate about the topic or context of the revolt