Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Testing, Testing, Run for Cover!

Another day, another 20,000 blogs on the internet. (I don't remember where I looked that up, so it must be true.)

I have decided to create my own. (Hold the applause) Wait, you say you don't know who I am? I'm Bill Caswell, fool! Owner and operator of this, one of the newest blogs on the internet (At least until tomorrow) IMPRACTICAL INSANITY. Here, I will rant and rave about things I read and see in the news around the world, or about anything else that catches my attention. (Luckily for all of you, I have a short attention span)

Ideally, I'm looking to update this m/w/f, so, here goes nothing. Give me a shout-out, my friendster is http://profiles.friendster.com/billiamcaswell 

Look for future posts, and have a good one.

[EDIT: Yes, I know this is a Tuesday. Guess that means you should expect a post tomorrow, DOESN'T IT?!]

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