Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There's something I hate...

Can't remember the name...

What was it?

Oh yeah.


In this instance, celebrities. Now, normally I don't have issues with the rich and famous. They stick to what they do. (Apparently cocaine, kids, and shoplifting.) I stick to my interests. (Hatred, teaching, and porn.)

Then I turn on the TV, and I see an a-lister telling me that if I only gave a damn, the world could be fixed.

I call Bullshit. I, in fact, GIVE A DAMN. Has this fixed the world? Is there a blissful utopia free of violence and poverty? Do puppies and bunnies wake you up every morning with song?


The world is shit. You know it's shit. I know it's shit. Nothing we, being unimportant people in forgettable sections of the world, can do will change that. We have no backers, no army, no resistance.

So why are there people who have more money than I will EVER have telling me that I need to fix what they're preaching about? How about you jackasses throw some of that money around? Fund a coup. I hear it's liberating. How about you celebs purchase weapons for freedom fighters? Pay for the medical costs of the INNOCENTS who have been wounded? You have the means, and the time. YOU FIX IT.

Have a good one.

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