Friday, February 4, 2011

Maybe it's better to not obsess...

This was going to be another article about Egypt. It really was. I was going to do another long-winded, self-righteous rant about how lazy and moronic other people are.

I decided not to. Don't get me wrong, bitching about humanity never gets old, but I think enough people are covering Egypt. I think it's time to focus on some other news around this blue ball of ours.

Let's look at some headlines:

Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl becomes big event

Sarah Palin files paperwork to trademark her name

Jaime Pressly pleads not guilty to DUI in LA

Woman charged with frying pan attack over dropped bagel

Hunter sues after failing to find elephant

Doesn't all of that sound of the same, nay, greater importance?! (If any of you said yes to that, meet me out back in five minutes. Don't wear a helmet.)

There are plenty of serious news stories going on in the world, as well as hordes of innocuous ones. Focusing all of your energy and attention on one small (albeit culturally significant) part of the world is akin to driving with blinders on. ( If you don't know what blinders are, use a search engine.)

Plant a tree. Grow a garden. Walk to work. SAVE THE DAMN WORLD. You won't do anything by Tweeting about HOW YOU STAND WITH THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE. I did this, and the only thing I accomplished was feeling completely useless. So I donated some money. Then, I'm looking into the possibility   of arming the protesters with molotovs and chainsaws.

Have a good one.


  1. Hi Will, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I can see you are a man of words with lots to say whereas I tend to write little but do as you recommend here plant, grow, walk and photograph.

  2. lol palin is gunna copyright her name?

  3. She was told no by the government.